Cardigan with Crossed Over Edges

We have found the idea of crossed over edges some years ago in a German magazine and are confident that you will find it as practical as we did.

Possum Merino Wool Cardigan in 4ply red yarn
Download this free cardigan pattern

You will have the feeling to wear a cardigan with all the advantages of a jumper. No need to knit button holes, no worrying about losing the buttons and no overheating when wearing the cardigan. It is a wonderful compromise and flatters every shape of figure as it plays with your body in a very comforting way.
The cable pattern is quite simple although when knitting it for the first time you might experience the second cabling as quite fiddly. But after the second time you will experience the simplicity and easy handling of this pattern. On the other hand gives this edge a much needed stability.
We have knitted it in 4ply in Cherry Red as this is warm enough to have a cosy feeling on a cold winter’s day inside the house or on a nice warm and sunny day when you take a walk in the countryside.
The very fashionable cabled sleeves are very wide which allows you to wear a light jumper or shirt underneath.

Difficulty: intermediate

Please note, this patterns are designed especially for the use with Supreme-Possum-Merino, other qualities will need an adaption. All our designs are copyrighted work and available under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike 3.0 Licence.


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