Possum Wool

The fur of the possum is blended with super fine New Zealand Merino. Normal qualities start with a percentage of 20% which goes up to 40 % for special yarns.

We stock only the finest knitting yarns.

All SPM yarns contain precious silk giving the thread an incredible shimmer and making the garment wearable all year round as silk has a wonderful cooling effect on the skin.

Possum fur and Merino fibres both are incredibly thin and light and the yarns run a lot further in comparison to yarn of the same thread count. Knitting this wool is very comfortable, relaxing and fast as it runs very smooth between your fingers and you will not get tired that easy.

Possum fur wool is famous for its temperature regulating quality and its extreme durability. Possum fur is blended with Merino wool as its fibres are extremely long having a natural anti-pilling effect and will normally not felt other than cheaper Angora blends if care instructions are followed thoroughly. Possum fur is a lot finer than Cashmere or Angora. This makes garments made from Possum extremely light but the warming effect is just the same as with a lot heavier and more bulky yarns.
As Possum fibres are hollow fibres they have a wonderful cooling effect in summer but are warming in winter. They give a luxurious and comforting feeling and make Possum garments an ideal outdoor wear all year round. Additionally, Possum fur has a thin layer of Chrome keeping away bacteria and micro-organisms from the pelt. Therefore, it is stain and dirt repellent and as Merino, it will not take on an odour easily. Possum garments are very durable and the care for them is a lot easier than for Angora.

Children and Allergy sufferers: Other than Angora or Kashmir, possum fur wool is especially recommendable for children and allergy sufferers.

Merino Wool

Merino wool: Merino wool is a yarn to be worn all year round and it has an anti-electrostatic effect. Its hygroscopic qualities makes Merino wool especially suitable for rainy weather as it is able to absorb damp for up to 30% - 40% of its own weight before you will get a damp or wet feeling.
The blended Merino is the finest wool available on the market until now with a precious shimmer but nonetheless famous for its hardwearing quality and its anti-shrinking capacity when being washed.

The source of all our Merino wool are sheep from   Central Otago where they roam happily over the hills until they come in to be shorn. They are definitely not mulesed.



Care: Care instructions are incredibly easy to be followed. A bath by hand in lukewarm water with a detergent for delicates is sufficient.
Flat drying
is highly recommended, as it is usual for all other wool products as well. You will be astonished how quick your garment will dry in comparison to other kinds of wool.
You won't have to iron your soon to be most loved garment as wrinkles will hang out soon after you put it on again. 

After finishing off your work, please, wash before first wear.

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