Possum Wool

A Bit of Nature from New Zealand

New Zealand - the country of contrasts on the other side of the world. This is the origin of possum wool. Possum fur blended with Merino wool and Silk or Nylon makes a variety of yarns that are very special. A luxury but still affordable, possum wool yarn having an incredible softness and warmth is strong and durable.

People who are allergic to sheep wool in particular value the benefits of this eco-friendly and natural product. The softness and non-prickling nature of possum wool makes it ideal for children clothing.
The yarn will not pill and it is one of the warmest known fibres around.

Today possum wool is extremely popular in New Zealand, Australia, Japan and the Americas.

New Zealand, the only country in the world where possum wool is produced, is quite far away. Customs duties and freight costs for 10,000 miles make a direct purchase for the ordinary customer unattractive.

We purchase large amounts of possum wool and import them directly from New Zealand.  Our prices are the most competitive, offering our customers in the UK and throughout Europe a cheap and reliable source for high quality knitting yarns in a variety of qualities and colours.


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